Search Engine UpGRADE

A collaborative and pain-free approach to upgrading your search engine. KMW’s team of search experts will:

Evaluate the current solution and identify upgraded areas of impact.

Create a sample schema and configuration to support upgraded functionality.

Determine a re-index strategy for updated indices.

Provide support during the cutover process and assist in validation of migrated version.



Upgrading avoids technical debt and ensures that a search engine is performing at its best.

Open source communities put a lot of effort into ensuring that projects like Solr, Elasticsearch and OpenSearch are always addressing security vulnerabilities and bugs, while continuing to offer new features and enhanced performance.  These improvements accumulate with each point release and eventually manifest as potentially significant API shifts between major release versions. The longer the delay, the more difficult the upgrade becomes.  

Top Upgrade Benefits

Improved Security

Stay up to date with the latest security patches. Older software is more vulnerable to exploitation since hackers have longer to analyze the code and find vulnerabilities for exploitation.

Improved Performance

Performance is always a key concern. Upgrades support better performance through a combination of new features and refactored, continuously improving code.

New Features & Bug Fixes

New features and fixes can reduce or even eliminate the need for custom code, plugins, or previous workarounds– clearing the way for reduced tech debt and unlocking new capabilities.

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