17 Dec: Ingesting Solr Logs with the ELK Stack

When it comes to analyzing Solr logs, Solr does have some out of the box tools. However, we’ve found that those tools don’t give a lot of options for creating rich visual analysis, and don’t offer a way to analyze logs in real time. So what do we do? We turn to another open-source platform: Elastic.

30 Sep: The KMW Search Audit

Learn about our most popular service, where we take a deep dive into what may not be working for your Solr, Elasticsearch, or OpenSearch instance.

02 Jul: Search Engine Upgrade

Open-source search engines are constantly being updated to add features, improve existing features, and fix vulnerabilities. Here are some more reasons you would want to update accordingly and how we can help.

12 Jun: Solr Payload Inequalities

New in Solr & Lucene 9 is the ability to do inequality operations to search against payloads on terms. We’ll go through this how new feature works using some different use cases.

15 Jul: The Cross Collection Join Query

The KMW team’s contribution to Solr 8.6 is a new Cross Collection Join query method, enabling Solr to support a multi-sharded distributed query for the first time. We’ll tell you all about how it works.

13 Mar: Relevancy Tuning in Elastic

KMW hosted the Boston Elasticsearch meetup group, and our own Rudi Seitz gave an in-depth talk about how relevancy works in a search engine. In this post learn about when he covered, including: how scoring is computed, query structure and analysis chains, and approaches to tuning relevancy.